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Yorkshire Terrier

Red and White Setter

Red and White Setter
Red and White Setter Content
Life Span: 10 - 15 years
Litter Size: 6 - 12 puppies
Group: Gun Dog
Recognized By: CKC, FCI, AKC, UKC, ANKC, NKC, APRI
Color: red and white (pearl)
Hair Length: Medium
Size: Large
Shedding: Moderate Shed
Male Height: 24 - 26 inches (62 - 66 cm)
Male Weight: 50 - 75 pounds (25 kg - 34 kg)
Female Height: 22 - 24 inches (56 - 61cm)
Female Weight: 50 - 75 pounds (25 kg - 34 kg)
Living Area: Indoor with lots of regular exercise or a large yard. Can tolerate outdoor conditions in most climates.

About this Breed

The Red and White Setter is a very distinctive looking dog both for its dramatic and variable red and white coat as well as for its slender yet athletic appearance. The coat, which is immediately recognizable, in long, straight and predominantly white with irregular red patches and markings across the body and face. The face and legs can have some flecking or mottling of the red on the white base color, but roan is not permitted in show Red and White Setters. The head is very noble looking with gentle, intelligent eyes. The ears are pendulant and hang down to below the lower jaw. The tops of the ears are level with the eyes and the ears are flat to the lead except when the dog is at attention or focused on something of interest. The muzzle is wide and powerful looking and the lips are soft looking as with all gundogs. There is a definite stop between the muzzle and the forehead area. The skull is not round or flat but rather has a domed appearance. The shorter hair of the neck and tops of the ears gradually flows into longer hair framing the face. The neck of the Red and White Setter is very graceful and slightly arched into a strong and well-balanced set of shoulders. The chest is deep and strong, ideal for running and moving through brush. The hair on the chest and ruff area is slightly longer and may be wavy but never curly. This adds to the depth of the chest. The body is well developed yet athletic looking, with the ribcage full and well developed. There is usually a definite cut-up to the abdomen that is noticed even with the longer furnishings on the belly. The legs are very straight and the dog moves very freely with a beautiful flowing gait enhanced by the movement of the coat. The back legs are very strong with a noticeable bend in the stifle that contributes to the smooth gait. The topline or line of the back from the withers to the hips is sloping downward to the tail. The tail is carried horizontal to the ground when in action or slightly lower when at rest. The long hair on the tail forms a flag like appearance when held horizontally and the tail is almost constantly in motion when the dog is moving or hunting. The Red and White Setter is a strong and fast looking dog without appearing lean or bulky. They are very balanced in appearance and have the ability to move effortlessly even when running. They are always watching what is going on in their environment and are keenly aware of where their owners are at all times. They are always willing to go out for walk or just outside for a look around.
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