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Of the millions of people across the country, approximately fifteen percent are allergic to animals, namely dogs and cats. Even so, many of these people with allergies chose to get a dog or cat, replace one after it died or keep the pet they already had although advised by their physician to give the animal up. Many people feel that allergies to their pets are a minor inconvenience compared to the joy and companionship of owning one. If you are considering getting a dog, but suffer from a pet allergy, become as knowledgeable about allergies as possible and learn about practical ways to manage your allergies so you can experience of pleasure of having a dog.…

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Schipperke Content
Life Span: About 15 years, though if kept active, many live to be 18 years old.
Litter Size: 2-3 puppies
Group: Northern, non-sporting group in the American Kennel Club's categorization.
Color: The only acceptable color for Schipperkes is all black.
Hair Length: Medium
Size: Toy/Small
Shedding: Lite Shed
Male Height: 11-13 inches high at the highest point of the withers
Male Weight: 12-18 lbs
Female Height: 10-12 inches high at the highest point of the withers
Female Weight: 12-18 lbs
Living Area: Because of their size, Schipperkes are good dogs for apartments. Because of their origins, they also love boats and being on the water, making them the perfect companion for boat dwellers! Many fishermen choose these dogs as companions because the dogs love the water as much as their owners.

About this Breed

The Schipperke is a breed that is largely unfamiliar to the average American. But this is a great breed for those who want a watchdog or hunter that's not too big. The Schipperke is a dog of Belgian origin. There has been much debate over the years as to whether Schipperke's are categorized as a terrier, spitz, or miniature sheepdog, though it is fairly certain that they descended from a breed of sheepdog. Many years ago, Schipperkes were also referred to as Spitzkes, Spitskes or Spits. In appearance, they strongly resemble the American Eskimo Spitz breed. The Schipperke is short and thick. All purebred Schipperkes are black and all are tailless. Most puppies are born with a tail, but they should be de-tailed, rather than docked. Front dewclaws are removed from this breed, as are back dewclaws if the dog is to be showed. Removal of the tails and dewclaws is best performed between 48-72 hours of age, to avoid shock and minimize the discomfort. Removal at this age also ensures a short healing time. Removal of the dewclaws and tails should be performed only by qualified veterinarians. Schipperke faces resemble that of a fox, and their short thick body makes them have a bit of a square shape, particularly when viewed from the side. Their double coat is very thick, with a ruff that stands out. Because of the way their coat stands out at the shoulders, the Schipperke appears to slope in shape from his shoulders to his croup. The breed will have a very thick appearance, even when of an appropriate weight. They typically have a very alert and questioning expression, and are some of the most curious dogs you'll ever find. They have small oval eyes that are almost always dark brown. Their ears are small and triangular and are placed very high on the head. Any drop of the ear will be a fault in a Schipperke from a showing perspective. Their noses are small and black.
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