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Finnish Spitz
Finnish Spitz Content
Life Span: 12 - 15 years
Litter Size: 5 - 8 puppies with the average being 6 puppies
Group: Northern, AKC, Non-Sporting.
Color: Red/Gold, Red, Gold, White Markings.
Hair Length: Medium
Size: Medium
Shedding: Moderate Shed
Male Height: 15 - 20 inches (38 - 51 cm.)
Male Weight: 31 - 35 pounds (14-16 kg.)
Female Height: 15 - 20 inches (38 - 51 cm.)
Female Weight: 31 - 35 pounds (14-16 kg.)
Living Area: Even though these dogs can become quite large, the Finnish Spitz needs a lot of room for exercise and will need to be outdoors on a frequent basis. The dogs make excellent running or jogging companions, and they are most content when they have been busy all day running and exploring, and can rest at your feet at night! These dogs do not fare well being chained up all day, and need frequent exercise to stay busy. It does stay inactive indoors, and is best suited for cooler climates as a result.

About this Breed

The Finnish Spitz is a fox-like dog, and is commonly mistaken for a fox in its formative years. Recognized by its honey-colored double coat and pointed muzzle, these dogs are exceptionally well-bred and have distinct features and coloring. The nose and lips are black, and the dogs have a distinctive smile. This medium-sized dog stands tall and erect, and will maintain good form. The teeth meet together in a scissors bite, and the dogs have a deep chest that reach down to the elbows. These dogs have plumed tails that curl up over the back and down the sides of their bodies, and the feet are round, almost cat-like in appearance. While the dog's body is compact and squarish, it does carry itself highly and has a strong carriage. The dog's coat is thick and has medium-length hair with a thick under-layer. The undercoat is straight and the standard colors are red-brown or yellowish-red. These dogs often have small white markings, and the puppies are born much darker than their elders where they acquire a reddish coat in later years. The fox-like characteristics and confident personality are the dominant features of this dog. Known for its well-balanced body and symmetrical features, the dog has brisk movement and exaggerated features. The male versions of this breed have coarse features and the feminine versions have strong silhouettes with a refined stature and strong looks as well. These dogs are excellent for hunting small game and birds, and have pointed muzzles that are naturally trained for sniffing and hunting. A strong bark and key visual skills are additional characteristics of the Finnish Spitz. Training is simple and can be achieved effectively after a steady period of time. The dog is eager to please and tends to stay loyal to its owners and masters. These dogs need to be outdoors as much as possible, and will be just fine in colder weather since they can stay warm easily. The dogs are good housekeepers, but they may become bored easily. It is important to provide stimulating environments and activities so that they do not become bored, restless, or self-destructive.
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