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The American Gentleman

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Tags: Boston Terrier, Behavior



Bakersfield, CA

Shih Tzu

The Boston Terrier is an extremely popular breed of dog in the United States. Besides the fact that the breed was developed in America, its popularity is mainly due to its wonderful temperament. Indeed, its polite, gentle nature, combined with its dapper good looks, has earned the Boston Terrier the nickname "The American Gentleman." Boston Terrier owners claim that these little dogs are amazing companions and one of the best breeds to have as a family pet. If trained properly, a Boston terrier is an extremely social dog, providing affection, but also soaking it in. They are very loyal and eager to please; some owners swear they have a very unique sense of humor.

Overall, Boston Terriers are intelligent, energetic breeds, though not overly hyperactive. They are extremely friendly and affectionate; though they may bark at strangers who approach their house or family, the Boston Terrier will immediately make friends. The dog's expression reflects the positive traits that characterize the breed. Owners report that the breed has a craving for human companionship and relishes the time it spends lounging around with its humans; indeed, the Boston Terrier needs to feel as if it is an integral part of the family, continuously included in family activities. Not only does he love to lounge, but he also loves to play; both children and adults will be amused by the Boston Terrier's colorful antics and playful nature. These dogs can also be very mild tempered and well-mannered, so as to make excellent companions for the elderly. They are one of the most easy going and polite breed of dogs.

Ironically, this gentlemanly dog was bred to fight, though later breeding practices focused heavily on making this fighter a suitable companion dog. Boston Terriers maintained their alert nature, but became gentler and very expressive. While they are not true terriers, they do have terrier blood in them and this definitely shines through in their bursts of rambunctious energy. Not only do they get along well with adults, children and the elderly, but they also love other household pets and truly enjoy the companionship of other animals. They are not excessive barkers and so do not make a lot of noise. Many Boston Terriers also love to be cuddled.

Even their looks have contributed to their nickname. Their short coat can be seal, brindle, or, as is most often the case, black. The black is interrupted, though, by a white patch that covers the muzzle, the neck, the area between the eyes, the chest, and a part of the way up the forelegs and rear legs. These markings give the impression that the dog is wearing a tuxedo. Add a pleasant personality to a coat that looks like formal evening wear and it's no wonder these little bundles of joy are "American gentlemen."

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The American Gentleman
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