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The Australian Kelpie Mind and Personality

Filed under Dogs
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Tags: Australian Kelpie, Working Dog, Socialization, Behavior

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Delve into the mind of the Australian Kelpie and you will find intelligence and a real devotion to duty. The Kelpie is a very versatile and adaptable dog. They are alert and independent thinkers who will problem solve rapidly.

Because the Kelpie is so intelligent, he needs lots of stimulation to keep his mind busy and happy. An idle and bored Kelpie will quickly become frustrated and will eventually become destructive. He will act out in various ways such as digging holes and chewing up things you don't want him to chew. An idle and bored Kelpie can quickly leave your yard and house in shambles. To overcome this, a handler should keep the dog engaged in positive activities or work.

The Australian Kelpie loves to work! He is devoted to his job of whatever nature it may be. His problem solving skills and independent thinking are necessary for the work he was born to do! He is most happy when he is engaged in a good cause, and he is eager to please his handler.

If the Kelpie is not being used for working purposes, he should receive long walks every day. He should be played with or be allowed to accompany you while biking or jogging. Without mental and physical stimulation, the Kelpie will drive you crazy with its obsessive-compulsive behavior that focuses on destruction. The Kelpie must find an outlet for its excessive energy!

He also needs plenty of socialization in order to be happy. Kelpies are very social dogs. If they are not socialized enough, they can become shy and suspicious. They will become standoffish in behavior and this is very difficult to live with.

The Australian Kelpie is a very friendly animal. They make excellent pets. They are extremely loyal and will bond well with their human family and will do well with children if they are brought in as a puppy. They have a propensity to bond well with one owner or family. However, it is important to watch the Kelpie closely with very small children. They will try to herd them and may instinctually nip at them as they do not realize the difference while they are young.

The Kelpie is mild in temperament and is not aggressive in nature. However, if they feel their family is threatened, they will protect them without regards to their own personal safety.

The Kelpie is a playful animal and enjoys games with his handler. Any games that involve agility or throwing a ball will portray him at his best. He will thrive on games that involve running and need problem solving skills.

The Kelpie does not do well when left alone. He may start a barking game to amuse himself while looking for mischief. He expects to be included in family outings.

As an independent thinker, the Australian Kelpie can be manipulative. Consistency is important in showing that you mean what you say. The Kelpie must learn to respect his handler or he will quickly become a very disobedient dog. If you as a handler are not able to provide the mental and physical stimulation that this breed needs, the Australian Kelpie might not be for you.

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The Australian Kelpie Mind and Personality
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