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Living Conditions of the Australian Kelpie

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Tags: Australian Kelpie, Exercise, Behavior

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The Australian Kelpie is a dog that possesses great energy and a strong drive to work. This makes them highly unsuitable for living in an apartment or as a house pet. They are best suited to live in a home where there is work to be done. They thrive on mentally and physically demanding activities.

While the Kelpie prefers to live on a large property with wide open spaces in which to run, but they can adapt to a large backyard. The yard should be securely fenced as the Kelpie is a great escape artist. They will go under or over a fence without a second thought! They must be provided with plenty of physical and mental stimulation. This can be achieved through various games and daily walks. This is imperative or the Kelpie will become bored and rambunctious.

The Australian Kelpie is in great need of plenty of exercise. The Kelpie must have plenty of interesting opportunities to use their energy! Just letting your Kelpie out in the backyard for a little while is not enough exercise! If adequate provisions are not made for the dog whether through work or play, it will become destructive of property. The Kelpie will usually express its displeasure through chewing of your personal property and barking. You may find holes in your yard that weren't there before. You cannot suppress the instinctual behaviors of the Kelpie without great difficulty and detriment to his psyche.

The Kelpie will be content to live outdoors, where it can see a variety of things, if it has adequate shelter. It is most happy living outside. It has an all-weather coat which enables him to live where it is hot as well as where it is cold. This weather-proof coat is actually a double coat that protects him from the elements when working in severe weather conditions. The Kelpie will not let harsh weather deter him from his job.

The Australian Kelpie should not be intended as a household pet. They need to work and these behaviors are inappropriate to a regular household setting. These dogs will do best in a ranch or farm setting. They will be able to express their creativity in this type of lifestyle. There will be more opportunities to herd things and they will be happy to do so. There will also be more opportunities to expunge their massive amount of energy by running through the wide open spaces.

The Kelpie does well with other dogs. Although they will try to gather them up and boss them with no thought of potential consequences, the Kelpie is simply working. The desires of the other animals do not matter. The Kelpie has a job to do and it will be completed!

The Australian Kelpie's best features - his intensity, work ethic, independence, passion, and superior intellect are also the features that will make him unsuitable for most homes. You must stay at least one step ahead of this animal in order to achieve a harmony and peace in your shared environment.

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Living Conditions of the Australian Kelpie
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