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Differences Between Working and Show Kelpies

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In Australia, there are two different registries for the Australian Kelpie: The Working Kelpie Council and The Australian National Kennel Council. Each registry has different goals from the other.

The goal of the Working Kelpie Council is to encourage breeding that will enhance the ability of the Kelpie to herd. It also is more liberal in the allowance of the many different varieties of the coat colors of the Kelpie. They do not allow Working Kelpies to be shown.

The Australian National Kennel Council has a different breeding goal. It focuses on breeding for appearance. The dogs are limited to particular colors and they promote solid colors over a mix of colors.

In the Unites States, the American Kennel Club recognized the Kelpie as a breed for awhile. The AKC promotes standards which are based on the appearance of the dog. It currently does not recognize the Australian Kelpie as a breed, mainly due to pressure from the Australian Kelpie Registry to not do so. The Australian Kelpie Registry promotes the dog as a working breed and does not wish the AKC to recognize the Kelpie as a show dog. Sweden also does not allow the Working Kelpie to be shown.

An interesting fact is that Working Kelpie breeders will call their establishments "studs", similar to sheep and cattle studs. However, the breeders of Show Kelpies will call their breeding establishments "kennels".

The Working Kelpie - Working Kelpies typically have an abundance of energy and display an endurance that is awesome. They have a deep drive and natural instinct to gather up and herd things.

The herding ability of the Working Kelpie is a sight to behold. They are extremely intelligent and quick to solve problems. The animals they are herding don't stand a chance when the Kelpie is at work!

Working Kelpies are found in many different colors. They can be found in chocolate, fawn, tan, smoky blue and red and even some white. A mix of these colors is common.

The Working Kelpie is extremely agile. They will demonstrate this when they jump up and run on the backs of the sheep as a shortcut to the other side. The Show Kelpie is also agile but they will demonstrate their agility through a course of jumps at a show.

The Show Kelpie - Show Kelpies are held to a higher standard in appearance than the Working Kelpie. They must be solid in color. They come in black, red, chocolate, fawn, tan and smoky blue. They must have a short double coat and their ears must be pricked.

The Show Kelpie usually has very little or no skill in herding. However, Australia has added Herding as a category in their dog shows. These dogs are very trainable and can learn to do this for show purposes.

The Show Kelpie is a very happy dog and is also a great mover. If you want your dog to stand out, you must get your dog to move and display its personality and happiness.

Helping your Australian Kelpie to put its best paw forward will make for a successful dog whether it is working or being judged at a show.

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Differences Between Working and Show Kelpies
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