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The Australian Kelpie as a Family Dog

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Tags: Australian Kelpie, Working Dog

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The Australian Kelpie makes a great addition to your family. It is an intelligent and loyal dog that will form a strong bond to your family.

It is important that the Kelpie be introduced to your family while it is a puppy, especially if you have children. The Kelpie will have a more difficult time forming a bonding relationship if it is introduced as an adult.

You should watch the young Kelpie carefully if you have small children. Many Kelpies will try to herd them and will nip at them to make them move where they want. They do not know the difference at this young age and will need to be instructed with a firm training hand in order to keep your small children safe. They can be taught to be careful as they are an intelligent dog. It is important not to yell at your Kelpie during this correction, but to speak to them in a direct and firm voice. Otherwise, the Kelpie will think you are playing a game.

The Kelpie is not an aggressive dog in nature. However, they will protect their family with little regard to their own safety. They are excellent watchdogs and will bark at any unusual happenings or strangers that may appear on their property.

The Australian Kelpie literally craves attention and companionship. It is one of the most social breeds of the canine family. It needs lots of interaction with its human family! The family who adopts a Kelpie should be active and enjoy spending lots of time with their dog. The Kelpie will expect to be included in all family outings. In the Kelpie's mind it is an integral part of the family!

Although the Working Kelpie is primarily a working dog, it will adapt well to being a family dog. It must receive lots of exercise in the form of game play and long walks. You can even take your Kelpie jogging with you!

There are many fun games that you can play with your Kelpie to promote a strong family bond. The Kelpie will thrive on playing Disc Dog in which a family member throws a disc and the Kelpie runs to catch or retrieve it. They love to chase balls and this will amuse them for long periods of time.

Probably the game that is most fun for both children and the Kelpie is a game of Hide and Seek. You can distract the Kelpie or cover his eyes while the children hide. After everyone is hidden, you can release the Kelpie and great fun is to be had while he frantically and devotedly searches for the children. This is a game that can be played over and over that delights the Kelpie and the children. You may hear many giggles and laughs from the children and happy noises coming from the Kelpie.

If you are a family that can provide plenty of stimulation for your Kelpie, then it will become an integral part of your family. If you cannot devote the time and energy to making the Kelpie a major part of your family, then this may not be the dog for you. You should do yourself and the Kelpie a favor and look for another breed of dog.

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The Australian Kelpie as a Family Dog
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