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Papillon For Sale

Is the Papillon right for you?

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Whether or not to adopt any dog, of any breed, is not a decision to be made casually, or without quite a lot of forethought and consideration. Given the appropriate attention to research and assessment of the environment the dog will be introduced to, there's no reason picking up a new addition to the family can't be an immensely rewarding experience. However, if these tasks are neglected, the owner and the dog might have nothing to look forward to but a lot of hassle, headaches and heartache. It's better to take a few hours out prior to adoption to ask questions of the breeder, verify the pedigree, read up on the breed and spend some time with the dog him or herself, than to find out that this is not the right breed for you six months from now and be forced to find a new owner for the dog, return the dog to the breeder you bought them from or, worst of all, you may even have to relinquish ownership to a nearby animal shelter. The following advice should hopefully give the prospective Papillon owner a rough idea of what the breed's unique needs are and an impression of what kind of environment they thrive in.

Luckily, being of the Toy classification, Papillons do not require a very large home for everyday living. The breed are said to be perfect for the elderly or those with special physical needs, as Papillon does not require an unusually high level of exercise. Most Papillons are completely satisfied with a romp in the yard from time to time and a daily walk. Some Papillons even prefer to stay indoors more often than not.

Unlike some breeds, the Papillon will need brushing and bathing at least a few times a week. Many owners even recommend brushing and bathing daily, but this may be a bit much if the dog is only intended as a companion animal. Every month or month and a half, it is recommended that a full groom is administered; this would include the regular grooming details as well as the trimming of the hair and nails. If there's nobody in the home who can regularly dedicate the time to these tasks, then another, less high maintenance, breed would be preferential.

The breed are usually wonderful with children, but being so small, can become timid around large groups of rowdy children and any children that will be around the dog need to be informed of the need to be careful with him or her, as their small frame leaves them physically vulnerable in the event of rough play.

The dog is sometimes claimed to be the eighth smartest breed, making them exceptional learners, so the training process probably will not prove too difficult with most Papillons. A slightly less experienced trainer won't likely have to worry about the dog growing too stubborn, just so long as their training is consistent, gentle and fair.

One final note; if adopting a Papillon, don't be surprised if the puppies you look at don't quite match the photographs you've seen of adults of the breed. They're said to go through a sort of 'ugly duckling' stage as they shed their baby hair and grow the adult coat.

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Is the Papillon right for you?
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