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Giant Schnauzers

Aliases: Riesen Schnauzer, Munich Schnauzer, Russian Bear Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer For Sale

The Mind of the Giant Schnauzer

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Tags: Giant Schnauzer, Behavior, Obedience, Temperament, Training

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The Giant Schnauzer is a very intelligent breed of canine. This animal is an independent thinker and will not stop until he has figured out the puzzle of whatever nature it may be. The Giant Schnauzer is a true problem solver.

If left to his own devices, the Giant Schnauzer can be very destructive unless their energy and mind is channelled in a constructive manner. They can get into trouble before you can even process what is happening! The Giant Schnauzer has no problem with eating your furniture. They have been known to eat an entire couch in under thirty minutes without compunction or remorse. He just views your furniture as great big toys that need to be dominated. He will try to put them into submission before you can do anything about it.

The Giant Schnauzer is a working dog who thinks he is the boss of everything and everyone. It will take a very dedicated, patient, firm and controlling handler to gain his respect. When you have gained his respect, he will be obedient but may challenge you occasionally to see if circumstances have changed any since the last time he checked. You will need to have great consistency in order to best train this dog. Unless you have the drive to continually remind him you are in charge, he will take over and assume the role of boss.

The Giant Schnauzer will begin testing you as a puppy. He will test you in every way over and over and over. Then he will start the process again. He is looking for any sign of weakness and how to overcome you. You are a challenge and problem to be worked out. The Giant Schnauzer is a deep thinker and will try to find a solution if he smells a puzzle in the air. You must firmly convince him that there is no point in trying to solve you. This may take extreme ingenuity on your part as his owner and handler.

You should take great care in locking up the things you don't want your Giant Schnauzer to get into. He can be very adept at figuring out how to open doors and cupboards. Childproof locks are not deterrent enough when he is determined. He will probably eat those anyway. It will take great forethought on your part to outsmart the Giant Schnauzer!

The Giant Schnauzer is very loyal and dedicated to those whom he loves. He has a protective instinct and will guard you against all evil as he sees it. This may not be the same standard to which you hold. Evil could be in the form of strangers, family or even your belongings. This dog may look all cuddly and cute, but you should remember that he can be a wolf in sheep's clothing! His mind can be devious and sharp, but he will be extremely loyal to you even at his own expense. To own a Giant Schnauzer is to practice the art of patience and intellectual gymnastics.

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The Mind of the Giant Schnauzer
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