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Giant Schnauzers

Aliases: Riesen Schnauzer, Munich Schnauzer, Russian Bear Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer For Sale

The Giant Schnauzer as a Working Dog

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Tags: Giant Schnauzer, Working Dog

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The Giant Schnauzer is a true working dog in every sense of the word. He was literally made to work. He has an incredible stamina and energy that makes him ideal for most jobs. He also knows how to solve problems and this is an invaluable talent when he is on the job.

The Giant Schnauzer originally started out in Germany. He was used primarily by sheepherders to protect and drive the flocks. He was bred to be a dog that would take charge and get the job done. The livestock had to be driven to the market and the Giant Schnauzer was an invaluable aid to the shepherd in completing this task. He was bred to have a more commanding appearance in order to effectively do his work. It is believed that shepherds crossed him with a Great Dane in order to achieve the appropriate presence.

In Germany the Giant Schnauzer was used to do the daily chores on the farm. They were used to herd the cattle and the sheep. They were used to drive them to market and then protect the purse on the way back home. In Europe, the Giant Schnauzer was used for all of the farm work that involved stock. This enabled the farmer to not need four different dogs. The Giant Schnauzer was able to handle the work alone.

The Giant Schnauzer is a bright, alert and enthusiastic worker. The Giant Schnauzer is characteristically excited to be working. They have a natural inclination for cattle and sheep herding. Most Giant Schnauzer's will immediately show interest and begin to move the sheep or cattle when they are first exposed to them. The Giant Schnauzer loves to dominate and will quickly treat the flock or herd as part of their pack and will gather, control and discipline them as needed. He will assert his authority and demand obedience to his will. It is important to note that while the Giant Schnauzer is gifted with stock, he should not be used with ducks and geese. He has a tendency to view them as food and will try to have a bite or two to eat while he is on the job.

During World War I, the Giant Schnauzer was given national attention in Germany as an intelligent and trainable breed. He was used extensively for war work during this time. He has been utilized ever since for police work. He has become the dog of choice for this type of work in Germany.

The Giant Schnauzer soon gained popularity in Germany for other work. He was used by butchers and breweries as a guard dog. His sheer size served as an effective deterrent for most trouble.

In the United States and Canada, the Giant Schnauzer is used for Search and Rescue work. He is also used in airports for the detection of dangerous and illegal substances. He is used as a drug dog. He has the propensity to achieve any job placed before him. The Giant Schnauzer is truly an asset to those he serves in whichever job he attempts.

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The Giant Schnauzer as a Working Dog
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