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Caring for an English Foxhound

Filed under Dogs
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Tags: English Foxhound, Behavior

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The English foxhound is a relatively easy dog to care for, as they often need only the basic level of care compared to other dogs. The one exception is that they need plenty of exercise because of their high energy levels. They need a large area to run around in and play. Although they could live in an apartment, this is not the most suitable arrangement as they may raise havoc in a small area if they are not given ample exercise. They are not the type of dog that can be left home alone all day or they may get very bored.

When they get bored, they often start digging or chewing on almost anything they see. A bored and unhappy English foxhound usually becomes destructive. Many dog owners that don't properly exercise their dog don't understand why the dog is chewing and destroying things long past the age where this behavior should have stopped. Boredom is usually the main reason.

Due to its breeding, high drive to seek prey and their excellent sense of smell, they will often pick up a scent and go running and chasing if given the opportunity. For this reason, it is very important that they always be on a leash. They are very good walking on a leash as this is something they are used to while hunting. It is important to learn everything you can about this breed before bringing him home as a pet for the family. Although they are a lovable dog that gets along with adults, children and other animals, they do need attention. Not only do they need attention, they crave it.

There are many different dog foods on the market. It is important that your English foxhound is given a good quality dog food. He will be living an active life and needs as many nutrients and vitamins as possible. When looking for a dog food, always look at the ingredients and make sure at least one or two of the first 4 ingredients listed is meat. Many of today's dog foods consist of a few meat-by-products and the rest are fillers such as corn, wheat or soy. These fillers are just that - they fill the dog up but not with the vitamins the dog needs. In addition, these fillers (especially corn) have been proven responsible for many food allergies, yeast infections and ear infections.

Years ago, there were just a few dog foods so the dog got what you could get. Today, you have your choice of what kind to get and the better the food, the better your dog will look and perform. It is also important to always have cool fresh water available for the English foxhound. This is necessary for all dogs, but because the English foxhound is such an active dog, he will be thirsty more often.

In the summer months, flea or bug collars or creams are necessary to prevent the dog from being bitten by a bug that may carry a disease that can be fatal to the dog. In the spring and/or fall, the dog should be checked for worms and given a worm preventative. A dog infected with worms will not put on the weight he should and can eventually get sick. The simplest of care is what is required for your English foxhound, but it makes all the difference in their overall health and happiness.

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Caring for an English Foxhound
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