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Special Feeding Concerns of the Dalmatian

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Feeding your Dalmatian is about more than which flavor that your dog prefers. The urinary tract of this breed makes them very susceptible to kidney stones because of their bodies' inability to process the purines which are found in certain types of protein. A diet that would be fine to offer many other dogs could result in a life threatening condition for your Dalmatian so it's not a matter to be taken lightly.

What Not to Do

Your dog would love to share your dinner with you every night of the week, but you can't give in to the temptation. Many of the foods that humans enjoy could wreak havoc with your pet's body. If your dog's begging makes you uncomfortable, try giving him his dinner in another room at the same time that your family is eating. If you would like to offer your pet some table foods talk with your veterinarian to determine which foods are ok.

There are certain foods that you should be certain to avoid whether they are fresh or found in dog food. Organ meat, wild meat, and wild game meat all contain high levels of purines that your dog's body cannot manage. You should make sure that anyone who regularly spends time with your pet or cares for him when you're away is aware of the foods that he shouldn't be eating.

Choosing a Food

You will likely need to purchase a premium food for your dog as many of those available in supermarkets are not suitable for Dalmatians. The protein of the food should come from lamb or poultry and be between 20-24%. Almost all dog foods list this information on the packaging so it shouldn't be hard for you to find. Remember not to buy anything listing beef as the protein source.

The same rule applies to dog treats. This may be a little trickier, but if you stick to the premium brands you are likely to find something that your dog will enjoy and that will be good for him. Your veterinarian will be more than happy to recommend which dog foods would be best for your Dalmatian.

How to Feed

Many vets recommend allowing puppies free reign at the food bowl because they are growing so rapidly that they need to eat much more than adults. It is usually recommended that adult dogs be fed twice per day.

Water should be added to the dog food that you offer your pet. Adding water to your Dalmatian's food will help to ensure that he gets enough water to keep his kidneys functioning correctly, especially in dogs that have chronic urinary tract problems. Don't soak the food, but instead pour water over it just before it is served. Soaking the food until it is no longer crunchy will prevent the food from cleaning the teeth as he chews it. If your dog leaves any food in his bowl discard it and clean the bowl. Damp food left out will sour, smell, and not be very good for your pet.

Feeding Dalmatians isn't complicated, but it does require some special care. With your vet's advice you should have no problem finding a diet that suits your dog's taste and your desire to take good care of him.

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Special Feeding Concerns of the Dalmatian
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