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What to feed your Food-Oriented Welsh Springer Spaniel

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Just like most human beings, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is highly motivated by food. Knowing this small bit of information will change your training methods and make your life a whole lot easier. Because doggie treats are a great form of positive reinforcement, your Welsh Springer Spaniel can be easily trained to do just about anything with the promise of his favorite treat. There are however, a few things you should know about properly feeding your Welshie to maintain a healthy size and beautiful coat.

As their name indicates, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is native to Wales. Because of the rocky nature of the Welsh soil, very few crops could grow successfully, limiting the types of food the Welshie received. As a fairly isolated country, the Welsh Springer Spaniel was bred completely pure for hundreds of years. In keeping with their heritage, it is recommended that, if you feed them fresh food, you should stick to foods like; poultry, mutton, corn, wheat and potatoes. These foods are among those that the Welsh Springer Spaniel has been eating for centuries and they contain the vitamins and nutrients to keep your pet in perfect health. In addition, you should avoid foods that are high in certain fats like fish, avocado and any soy product.

Food as a Bargaining Tool

Just like most dogs, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is food-oriented. Meaning that, you can train your dog to do almost anything you wish by dangling your pup's favorite treat in front of him. As a naturally obedient dog, you won't have to stuff your Welsh Springer Spaniel full of treats just to potty-train him properly. Since you will likely be training your Welshie on a wide variety of tasks and tricks, it is imperative that you choose small, healthy treats as reinforcements.

Your Welsh Springer Spaniel should not grow to be more than 45 pounds, so choosing a healthy, bite-sized treat will do just as well as a gigantic piece of doggie chocolate! An obedient sort like the Welshie can run the risk of packing on the pounds if you're not careful.

The Downside

Because the Welsh Springer Spaniel is so motivated by food, there is an inevitable downside that you must watch for; food pilfering. That's right, your Welshie is so in love with tasty treats and fragrant foods that he will steal any unattended food left within his reach. Early in the training process, you must make sure your Welshie knows that under no circumstances is he allowed to eat from the table. If you allow this even once, the Welsh Springer Spaniel will remember that and continue to poach your food. The biggest concern should be the stomach and health problems associated with allowing your pet to eat the same salt-drenched food that you eat. The cost of medical bills and a sick companion should be enough motivation for you to stop this behavior before it begins.

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What to feed your Food-Oriented Welsh Springer Spaniel
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