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Cairn Terrier: The Fashion Dog

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Tags: Cairn Terrier, Travel, Apparel

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Cairn Terriers are making a new profession for their breed. From small game hunters in the highlands of Scotland, they are now fashion dogs strutting doggy ready-to-wear garments and accessories in the lowlands of the metropolis. Fashion dogs usually have their own stylists and groomers, and owners of these dogs are more than willing to spend enough dough to make their pets hip and trendy. There are many reasons as to why people are now favoring Cairn Terriers as fashion-statement making dogs. These reasons include: the breed's portability, its handsome appearance, its keen intellect and its adaptable nature.

Because Cairn Terriers belong to a small breed of dogs, you can bring them along anywhere: to the doggy store, the mall, even on the doggy fashion runway. Most fashion dogs come from the toy breed category like the Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and the Shih Tzu. Cairn Terriers are actually classified as "working dogs," but because they are the smallest of all the terrier breeds, they still work nicely as doggy fashion models. Their diminutive stature plus their boundless energy makes them excellent traveling companions. They are not delicate lapdogs, however. They prefer to walk rather than be carried. Despite having short legs, Cairn Terriers are sturdy and tough little companions, and can endure walking a certain amount of distance.

Indubitably, Cairn Terriers are very cute creatures with handsome double coats. A Cairn Terrier always maintain a rough-and-ready appearance which makes it an adorable and perpetually scrappy looking pet. Also, these dogs come in a variety of natural but fashionable colors like brindled, cream, red, sandy and wheaten. For some Cairn Terriers, their coats change color as they grow older. It is not uncommon to find a brindled Cairn Terrier turn progressively black or white as time goes on. They also do not shed hair as much as other breeds. This is a good doggy trait if you are indeed traveling and worried about dog fluff clinging on to your clothes and stuff.

Cairn Terriers are very smart creatures and they like learning new things and exploring new places. Traveling with Cairn Terriers will pose no problem whatsoever. This breed of dog is generally considered as fearless; meeting new people or going to strange new places are not issues you or your pet should be worried about. Cairn Terriers are generally reserved towards strangers and may not make any fuss at all with initial encounters. On some occasions, they may act a bit possessive of you and may start "yapping" to drive others away.

Cairn Terriers are also willing to try on a new item or two (doggy hat or shirt or collar) at least once. Their adaptable and amendable nature makes them easy to jazz up or dress down. They also acclimate faster to new things and surroundings than other breeds. When bored or deprived of any form of stimuli, they do have the tendency to chew on things and may begin to gnaw at their fashionable garments. So try to keep your little trend setter occupied at all times.

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Cairn Terrier: The Fashion Dog
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