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Aliases: Voiceless Dog, African Bush Dog, African Barkless Dog, Congo Dog, Zande Dog

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The One of a Kind Traits that Make the Basenji a Basenji

Just like any other domesticated dog, the Basenji is greatly loyal, adores its owner and loves spending time outside. For those unfamiliar with the breed, the look of a Basenji is somewhat curious. Their characteristic wrinkled brow and extra large, stand at attention ears remind one of wild dogs often found in the untouched spaces of the globe. [...]

The Unique Benefits of the Basenji Breed and Who Should Own One

There are many who would like to have a dog but are turned off by their dependence or the thought of pet odors and allergies. While there are a number of breeds that can offer less in the way of neediness or smells, the Basenji is a breed that offers these and a number of other benefits all in one package. This is because their bloodline is more African wild dog than anything else. Those who have never been able to call themselves dog people often appreciate the Basenji's independent mindset and lack of doglike odor. [...]

Training Issues of a 4000 Year Old Breed

Independence and a strong will are the common traits of a Basenji; however, they are not characteristics that can or even should be trained out of their personality. Being descendants of wild African dogs gives them unique qualities that are bred so deep there is no chance for changing them any more than there is chance for changing their eye color. These traits come from a long history of hunting and survival instinct. This does not mean there is no room for obedience training; however, those who assume they can simply dominate four thousand years worth of hardwiring may want to reconsider. [...]

Fun Activities to Keep Your Basenji Happy and Active

The intelligent Basenji needs proper mental stimulation just as much as it needs consistent physical activity. A bored or penned up Basenji will most likely turn to destructive behaviors to communicate its frustration. Many dogs have the urge to chew, roam and challenge themselves with fun games. The Basenji is a dog breed more closely related physically and mentally to the wolf, jackal and other wild dogs. Though thoroughly domesticated, they are a breed that needs an owner that can efficiently work with their natural instincts rather than try to curb them. As many come to find, choosing a Basenji means choosing an active lifestyle. [...]

The Use of Basenjis in Native Zaire

Though commonly known as the Barkless Dog, the Basenji is also referred to as the Dog of the Bush Hunters. Though the breed has existed for thousands of years, it wasn't until the late 1930's that the rest of the world found out about the Basenji. Before then, they were used as hunting dogs for the people of the Congo in central Africa. [...]

Is the Basenji an Indoor or Outdoor Dog?

The Basenji is a breed of dog that was born and bred for hunting in the wilds of Africa. They have a strong urge to roam not only for the purpose of surveying the boundaries of their territory but for scouting any new game in the area. The Basenji has a keen sense of smell and a strong instinct to chase after things that scurry along the ground. They are alert, self reliant and can seem somewhat distant. Strangers are considered suspect unless and until proven otherwise. [...]

Easy Feeding, Grooming and Care for the Basenji

The Basenji is a unique breed that has unique requirements for care. As they are now a combination of domesticated canine and wild dog, their system requires a diet that needs a certain amount of attention. They are also extremely clean, detesting water. Even with no doggy odor, there can be times when the Basenji will require a bath and general grooming. They are a small dog that is fairly self sufficient but still need all the care that goes with keeping a pet healthy. [...]

Authentic African Basenji Names

Part of the fun of being a dog owner is coming up with a name for a new pet. While this task is somewhat simple for a number of pet owners, others find choosing between scores of names a little more difficult. A dog can be named for its personality, a physical trait or even after a favorite TV character. In the case of the Basenji the name can also be cultural, denoting its African roots. The name can describe the region from which it hails or it can be a word in a native tongue that beautifully describes the dog. In keeping with the Basenji's exotic look, many also opt for an exotic name. [...]

How Many Basenjis is Too Many?

The Basenji is a dog with a reputation for having a catlike demeanor. Considering a cat has a strong lean towards autonomy and many expect dogs to be somewhat the opposite, it can leave one wondering how the two balance out. Many take on the Basenji assuming that their new pet will make the necessary adjustments to their new living arrangement. The best type of home and owner for a Basenji is one that can keep all expectations to a minimum and consistently enforce boundaries from the start. [...]

Weird Facts About Did You Know: The Basenji

Its beginnings in the wilds of Africa 40 centuries ago have allowed the Basenji to become one of the most unique breeds of dog around. The most commonly noted fact about the Basenji is that it is the only breed of dog that does not bark. Often referred to as the barkless dog, the breed offers a noise that is likened to more of a yodel than anything else. This is due to a larynx that is shaped differently than any other dog breed. They are also known to chortle, growl and even shriek from time to time. Many owners note that their Basenji may give a mournful howl when missing a mate or feeling lonely. It is not uncommon for the Basenji to dislike going out at night, a safety practice ingrained from its days in the wilds of central Africa. [...]

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