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Pomeranian Articles

Grooming and Coat Care for the Pomeranian

Grooming a Pomeranian can be somewhat demanding as it requires regular attention. Basically, the tools that you need to keep it clean and attractive are slicker/pin brush, medium-tooth metal comb, scissors and cotton buds. You can give treats and play with your Pomeranian while grooming it so that it will enjoy the activity. [...]

Pomeranian Weird Facts/Did You Know?

When the Titanic sailed on its maiden voyage, there were three breeds of dog that survived that fateful day on 14th April 1912 when the White Star Liner clashed with an iceberg. Two of these breeds were the Pomeranian and the Pekinese. These small dogs were allowed on the life boats very early in the evening together with their owners while the life boats were still very empty, and no one seemed to object. The third dog was a Newfoundland, owned by the first officer of the Titanic. The dog was found swimming in the icy waters and it assisted a life boat to locate human survivors. [...]

Having a Pomeranian in the Family

Welcoming a Pomeranian into your home is something very exciting. The first thing you need to do when you bring your new Pomeranian home is to socialize it with your other existing pets, with your friends and with other people's pets. Most pets that already have an established social life will enjoy a newcomer as long as this newcomer is friendly and introduced properly. [...]

The Pomeranian Profile and Appearance

A Pomeranian is delicately small, compact and cuddly in breed and appearance. This dog is the smallest among the five sizes of the German Spitz, and it displays a glamorous appearance and intelligent expression that makes it very appealing. A Pomeranian has two coats, namely the outer coat which is perfectly straight, long and glistening and stands away from the body, and an under coat which is soft and floppy like cotton candy. [...]

The Active Pomeranian

One active dog that you can easily handle is the Pomeranian breed. If you are looking for an active dog that you can enjoy playing with, there are so many breeds you can choose from. However, if you choose large sized breeds, playing with them may not be so easy because they can sometimes be too tough to handle. Imagine playing, jumping around and running with a Great Dane. Instead of you taking the Great Dane out for a walk, you may end up struggling to keep your direction with this 85-pounder dog dragging you here and there. [...]

The Pomeranian Diet

Unlike other types of pets, the Pomeranian does not require any type of special diet although some care and attention still needs to be implemented to keep the little fellow in tiptop shape. Pomeranians have a reputation for being picky eaters. However, if the dog owner understands the basics about a dog diet, there should be no reason why the Pomeranian can't get the proper nutrition it needs. Dogs are carnivores in general, and therefore your Pomeranian will reject plant based foods, especially raw ones. As a rule, less raw plant based foods and more meat based foods for your Pomeranian should help maintain its appetite. [...]

The Pomeranian Puppy

A Pomeranian puppy is delicate and fragile, and it needs special care from its owner. The size of the Pomeranian puppy alone is a great hazard, as it faces the danger of being crushed by humans when accidents happen. Pomeranian puppies have to follow a stricter diet compared to the adult ones. Of course, you should not forget the fact that they need vaccination as they progress to adulthood. Therefore, before you get mesmerized by the cuteness of Pomeranian puppies when you go to pet stores, it is wise to read more about them to decide if this is indeed the right breed for you. [...]

The Unstable Pomeranian Temperaments

The Pomeranian is typically intelligent, outgoing, curious, and confident. It has a playful and smart nature but sometimes, it can be too demanding and may tend to disobey commands if they are not properly trained. A Pomeranian has the makings of a great watchdog but it should be trained not to bark excessively. It makes a great companion for seniors and seems to be made for show rings. However, when it becomes nervous around young children, it may bite. If you have small children in your house, a Pomeranian is not recommended for you. [...]

What's Good about the Pomeranian?

The Pomeranian boasts many good traits. It is a big favorite among many dog lovers, including many famous people past and present. It is a very intelligent breed that can be easily trained to do many tricks. This makes it a glamour dog that seeks attention. The Pomeranian is also an excellent watchdog that readily announces intruders and trespassers with its loud, sharp barks. It is a great alarm dog as it can easily sense danger. This dog can easily adapt to life in the city, and it can be a fine dog for country living as well with its intense hunting instincts. [...]

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