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Getting Your Maltese to Learn Tricks

Teaching a dog tricks should be done at an early age when they are still pretty receptive to learning. While the old adage that says "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" is in no way true, you can do better if you do teach your Maltese tricks while they are fairly young. Teaching a young Maltese certain dog tricks is said to be pretty easy since this dog breed is said to be one of the more obedient breeds around. How your dog responds to commands and training may still have to be dependent on your dog's attitude and receptiveness to commands. [...]

Grooming Tips for Your Maltese

Having a Maltese as a pet can be a pretty fun experience especially if you enjoy grooming long haired dogs; the Maltese breed has soft and silky hair that hangs down to the ground when they are fully grown. Having a Maltese can mean a bit of maintenance on your part since the lovely, long hair can become a scraggly and messy mop of hair that you may not even want to touch. Constant grooming and care of your Maltese as well as its beautiful length of hair need not be too much of a problem if you take note of a few of the tips Maltese dog owners use to keep their pets clean and well groomed. [...]

How to Keep Your Maltese from Shedding Too Much

A Maltese is very well known and recognizable due to its long mane of white hair. This hair is one of the features that make the Maltese a very popular toy and show dog, and styling it has become a hobby of sorts for some Maltese owners. One problem that Maltese owners may have is the shedding of their pet's hair. Although this rarely happens since these dogs are not known to be big hair shedders and tend to shed hair at a rather low rate as compared to other long haired breeds, there are instances when a Maltese can shed more than its fair share of coat. To help ensure that this does not happen, you need to follow a few simple Maltese hair care guidelines. [...]

Is Your Maltese Dog Show Material?

People get a Maltese for a pet for so many different reasons. Getting a Maltese simply as a pet for your home is one of the easiest and most common reasons people have for getting this breed of dog; however there are people who purchase or adopt a Maltese for reasons that go beyond simple companionship. There are dog owners out there who take pride in showing off their Maltese dogs and their long glossy coats of hair. The dogs that are seen competing in dog shows are often those dogs that are well disciplined and impeccably groomed. If you have a Maltese that you think can do well in the world of dog shows, you should try to determine whether or not he or she is ready or fit for it. [...]

Maltese Hairstyles for Your Pet

If there is one dog breed that seems to be the choice for pet lovers who enjoy grooming and styling their pets, the Maltese may be that very breed. The Maltese is a dog that has a long coat of soft white hair that may be easy to style if the owner grooms the dog properly. This hair can grow to around 12 inches long and is one of the reasons why this dog is so popular to those who want it as a pet. Grooming a Maltese may be a bit tedious for some but for those who enjoy styling their dog's hair, grooming their pet is the highlight of their day. Here are a few Maltese hairstyles that seem to be pretty popular with these dog's owners. [...]

Maltese: Weird facts/Did You Know?

Very few people do not succumb to the allure of the Maltese dogs. This toy dog breed is so adorable that the Maltese is often presented in the Aristocratic form. Professional dog groomers can perform expensive services for the Maltese like bathing, brushing, coat trimming, pedicure and hair styling. The Maltese dog breed is one of the most fancy of all show dogs and caring for it is exhaustive work. The coat alone needs daily grooming and bathing at least twice a week. Also, their diet has to be very specific so as to maintain the sheen and shine of the coat. [...]

Should You Exercise Your Maltese?

Exercising is an essential part of every living creature's life and inactivity can always result in something negative in the person's or the animal's physique and psyche. Exercising can be described as any form of activity that helps get blood circulating properly through the veins due to the pumping of oxygenated blood through the heart at a more accelerated rate. This action is good to help get the nutrients that a creature gets from food to be distributed evenly throughout the body and the organs. This kind of a description for exercise brings us to the question as to whether or not you should exercise your Maltese and the benefits that can be gained from exercise. [...]

The Maltese's Diet

Feeding your dog is one of the most common things you do for your pet every single day and even though you may think that any dog food available in the market can be used to feed your dog, this is where you are wrong. A Maltese is a pretty hardy dog. However, they have rather sensitive stomachs which mean that you may have to be careful with your food selection for this kind of a pet. A Maltese puppy may need a different kind of food than its adult counterparts but they still basically need similar considerations regarding nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins for their proper growth and all around health. [...]

Why a Maltese Should Be Your Dog Of Choice, The Pros and Cons

Getting a pet is a big step for a lot of people since it is a bit like having a child, at a slightly lower responsibility scale. It does, however, mean that you will have to institute certain changes in your lifestyle to help accommodate the new addition to your home and your family. Finding the right kind of dog breed to suit your pet choice may be based on a few factors. [...]

Your Maltese Puppy and Your Home, How to Keep Your Maltese Happy and Healthy

Having a Maltese puppy in your home could be a great source of pride and joy for you and while these dogs are a pretty hardy small breed, there a few precautions you may need to undertake to keep your Maltese puppy safe, happy and healthy. A Maltese pup is often sold to their new owners after 12 weeks and these new owners are often unsure of what they need to do to keep their pups healthy and to have them grow normally. [...]

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