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Yorkshire Terriers

Aliases: Yorkies

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Yorkshire Terrier Articles

Crate Training and Yorkies

Crate training your Yorkshire terrier is neither punishment nor cruel. The crates provides the Yorkies with a safe place to retreat to and curl up, adjust to new surroundings, sleep, a place to escape confusion, and gives the dog a sense of security when left home alone. To many Yorkies, a crate is their own indoor house. For a Yorkie owner, confining their puppy to a crate is a great housetraining aid that gives them peace of mind when sleeping or away. [...]

Just What Is A "Teacup" Yorkie?

Commonly called a Yorkie, Yorkshire terriers, which originated in England, are a small breed of dog listed in the toy category. They have beautiful silky, long, blue coats and playful, fun terrier behavior. The average size for both male and females is from eight to nine inches and weigh up to seven pounds. The American Kennel Club place each dog breed into a group and Yorkshire terriers are in the toy group because of their small size. The AKC standard for Yorkshire terriers is seven pounds and under, and most in the show ring range from five to seven pounds. Within the Yorkshire terrier breed there are no sub-categories. [...]

How to Manage a Yorkshire Terriers Coat

A Yorkshire terrier is a wonderful, affectionate, loving companion that provides individuals or families with many years of joy. It is an owner's responsibility to provide their Yorkie with love and everything it needs, including proper grooming and to manage the Yorkshire terrier's coat and keep it healthy and looking its best. Yorkies have no undercoat so are a 'single' coated breed with hair that is very much like humans. Their beautiful coat is a silky texture, fine, glossy, perfectly straight and moderately long. The coat color is usually black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, and blue and gold. They do not shed so a Yorkie is great for anyone that dislikes finding dog hair on their possessions or has allergies. [...]

Preparing a Yorkshire Terrier for Show

Yorkshire terriers have a beautiful, long, luxurious, shiny coat and a tied up topknot with a bow, which keeps the hair out of their eyes. Before you start preparing your Yorkshire terrier for show be sure to have all the necessary supplies on hand before you start, such as shampoo, conditioner, scissors, clippers, nail clippers, a pin brush, metal comb, and towels. It is not only annoying but also time consuming to run back and forth for the needed items. [...]

Socialization and Yorkshire Terriers

Socialization is extremely important for Yorkshire terrier puppies as with any breed of dog. Socialization is part of training, teaching, and familiarizing the puppy by acquainting them to new environments or experiences and should continue up to at least age two. This includes interacting with other animals, family members, gentle and calm children, and strangers on an ongoing and steady basis. [...]

Minimizing Tear Stains on Yorkshire Terriers

Although it is natural for most Yorkshire terriers to have a bit of tearing from their eyes, if it is extreme, the result is not only unattractive but also uncomfortable for the dog. There are ways to minimize tear stains making the Yorkie look and feel better. When your Yorkshire terrier's eyes tear too much, the resulting damp hair under its eyes becomes a prime breeding ground for yeast and bacterial growth. This dampness results in reddish-brown stains. [...]

Curbing Barking Behavior in Yorkshire Terriers

Every Yorkie owner knows that they're pet will bark occasionally such as someone coming to the door or at an unusual noise. This is to be expected but when your dog starts excessive barking, that is another story. Whether it is a tiny Yorkshire terrier or a huge Great Dane, excessive barking is annoying and disruptive. [...]

Traveling with a Yorkie

Traveling with your Yorkie can be a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your family. Many people nowadays prefer to take their dog along on family vacations or when they travel instead of putting them in a kennel or having someone pet sit them. Health and safety should be the first priority when planning a trip with your Yorkie. [...]

Working With Finicky Eaters

Many Yorkshire terriers are happy to eat anything placed in a bowl in front of them while others start that way but gradually become discriminating nibblers and finicky eaters. If your Yorkie suddenly goes from being a good eater to a very finicky eater, it could be a sign that your Yorkie is ill so be sure to have your veterinarian examine him to rule out medical problems. [...]

Yorkshire Terrier Weird Fact/Did You Know?

Dogs and cats are the two most popular pets in the USA. When it comes to Yorkshire terriers and other dogs, there are many weird, interesting, and little known facts and dog trivia. For example did you know that the some of the celebrities that own or owned Yorkshire terriers include Paris Hilton, Joan Rivers, Justine Timberlake, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, Brett Favre, Bruce Willis, Gisele Bundchen, Raven-Symone, and Kelly Rowland? [...]

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